How to Set Up and Use NordVPN with uTorrent Quick Guide

If prompted by your browser to “Choose an application” to open the magnet link, pick your torrent client. This list favors torrenting sites with large, diverse libraries, but don’t shy away from smaller, specialized torrenting sites if you’re looking for a rare gem. The library size for different torrenting sites also plays an important role. Certain sites like The Pirate Bay have considerably vast libraries, which is why they rank higher on our list. We compared library sizes for each when ranking the best torrent sites. Most sites have their own uploaders, so download speed will vary for new content.

It is worth noting that NordVPN makes use of the AES 256-bit encryption model on all of its servers. This is the highest level of encryption you can find anywhere in the world. This encryption model makes sure that your IP address, geographical address, and every other detail are secure.

It has many impressive features that improve your torrent downloading experience. Like, you can use the drag-and-drop feature and can easily add and download the torrent files of your choice. Moreover, the web torrent feature extracts file pieces from the network and downloads them instantly. A well-liked torrent client that is frequently used for data downloads is uTorrent. More than 150 million people have downloaded and installed uTorrent so far.

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You should always use a VPN with your torrent downloader to hide your real IP address so that no one can see your personal information and use it to target you. I use ExpressVPN to protect P2P connections since it’s super secure and has fast speeds for downloading big files. The main feature of BitComet is intelligent disk sharing.

  • QBitTorrent strives to offer the features most users will want while using as little CPU and memory as possible.
  • The free version is supported by ads, which can be disabled through a slightly arduous process.
  • Instead, bittorrent uses a “tracker” which helps users to find each other and then connect to each other to share files.

Some public WiFi providers block or rate-limit torrent access, which can contribute to the problem. Also, uTorrent sometimes requires a lot of CPU power and bandwidth, and if you have a lot of other applications running and competing for bandwidth, things can really slow down. An “indexer” is a site that compiles a list of torrents and descriptions and is a place where users form a community (with rules!) around BitTorrent content. When you want to share, download, or request files, the indexer’s community is where you go. These usually take the form of a forum and/or an IRC channel.

How to Uninstall uTorrent

Ideally, you want to set it to about 70% to 80% of your maximum upload speed. ISP Throttling Your Bandwidth – Some Internet Service Providers throttle your bandwidth when doing things like streaming or downloading torrents. A VPN for uTorrent can get around bandwidth throttling, otherwise, you’ll need to find a better ISP that doesn’t have this policy. That’s why the option to disable uploading or seeding in BT client is hard to find, with some BT clients not even provide such an option.

This means that even torrents with large numbers of seeders can be slow, provided that the number of leechers outnumbers the number seeders. Please note that its very possible for torrents to havemoreseeders than leechers, and this can often be the case. After you finish downloading a file, you’ll become a seed automatically, and start uploading that file for others to download. A screenshot of IPVanish’s easy to use VPN software.Sites like are very basic, public tools that anyone can use. It can’t pull up every single torrent you’ve ever downloaded, but it can pull up pieces of your download history.

After you’ve managed to complete a torrent download, you should always allow uTorrent to keep the download running. This way, other torrent users on the network with a fast enough internet connection can download part of the file from your system. The installer application is just over 4MB in size which is tiny compared to other torrent clients.